Daily Thought 11/16/11: Make Yourself Available

This morning, I ran into an issue that I needed some advice on from my CEO. As his door is always open, I was able to walk right in. My intention was to get advice on how to create a contract addendum, drawing from his legal background. He put down his work and immediately wrote the addendum for me, asking me for my advice along the way. This made a huge impact on me for two reasons: 1. It saved me time trying to write this myself and 2. I felt important to the organization.

When you break it down, really he was saving himself time by taking on the work instead of giving me advice and then going back and editing my work later, but it really made me feel like my task was the most important task for the organization. Whether you are a CEO, or the newest member of an organization, making yourself available can have a profound impact. Taking on tasks that you may not have in your job description will show your commitment to the organization, adaptability and reliability, and build the trust of others. Also by making yourself available to others, you lay the groundwork to winning them over.

Whether it is an open door, volunteering for a new task, or simply checking in with a colleague, making yourself available can do wonders for any aspiring leader or team member. What are you going to do today to go out of your way to be available for someone else?

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