Daily Thought 11/23/11: Passion

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A phrase often used to describe a successful leader is “natural born leader”. What natural skills do these individuals possess that make them a leader naturally? I think it isn’t necessarily some sort of innate, natural ability to lead, but rather an undying passion and belief in the task at hand.

Many of the most widely cited leaders in history became champions of their cause because they were so passionately driven to achieve their mission. Abraham Lincoln was dedicated, beyond anything else, to preserving the Union during the Civil War. Bob Knight was committed to excellence and was so passionate to win and coach his players to play hard that he retired as the winning-est coach is Division I Men’s Basketball history (he was recently passed by his former player Mike Krzyzewski).

Another great leader who was driven by passion for his cause is Martin Luther King Jr. MLK was able to unite a group of people across the entire United States to attack racial barriers and demand change. His fight for civil liberties is well known and his passion for change created a new face for the nation. King’s passion can be seen in many instances, but none is surpassed by his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

In order to be a great leader and a champion of your mission, you must believe wholeheartedly and be extremely passionate. Your passion will draw others to your cause and help you achieve your vision.

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One thought on “Daily Thought 11/23/11: Passion

  1. The Ed Buzz says:

    In order to be great at anything, you need to have passion

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