Daily Thought 11/25/11: Lessons Learned

When you face a challenge you will either overcome the challenge or you will fail. These two outcomes have something very important in common: each outcome has a lesson to teach you that can help you face similar situations in the future. If you are successful, it is important to understand what caused that success. If you fail, it is important to understand where things went wrong and how to avoid those mistakes in the future. Therefore, collecting ‘lessons learned’ is an activity that will always be helpful.

Thinking introspectively is important for any leader at any point in their development. By understanding how and why your decisions and actions drive specific outcomes, you continue to sharpen your skill set. While no one is ever perfect, the more ‘lessons learned’ you have in your arsenal, the closer to perfection you will be.

The best way to reflect on your learning opportunities is to take some time on a weekly basis to look back on the challenges of the week. Figure out what you were able to learn by facing these challenges and how you can incorporate this new successful habit into your daily routine. Finally, make sure to document the lesson you have learned and how implement it so that it is in your records for further reflection in the future.

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