Daily Thought 11/30/11: Relationships

There is an age old adage that “its not what you know, but who you know”. This really is true for someone trying to gain success professionally, but it is also true for leaders. However, it may be even more than who you know that makes you a good leader. A great leader is built on relationships, GREAT relationships. Having great relationships helps a leader to deliver their message to a captive and motivated audience.I across an interesting study that suggests that the #1 failure of a leader is relationships. Now this study seems to be limited to the workplace, but you can probably extend the observation to leaders in all types of groups.

In my own personal experience, what failed leadership boiled down to were instances where I felt undervalued, under-appreciated, or under-utilized as a follower. This all are examples where a leader did not take the time to build a relationship and understand my prospective and my driving factors. As a leader, taking the time to build a relationship allows you to understand your followers and their motivating factors, so it can only be helpful in the long run.

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