Daily Thought 12/11/11: Winning With Class

The rare Sunday “Daily Thought”! Something happened this weekend that was just too good to pass up. Robert Griffin III became the first player from Baylor University to win the Heisman Trophy, being recognized as the most outstanding NCAA football player this year. RG3, as he is known, is remarkable on the field and even more impressive in front of the microphone. During the acceptance speech for the biggest achievement of his life Griffin spoke not of his individual achievements, but rather he thanked everyone who has helped him become who he is and about the great accomplishments we had at Baylor. This guy is a great leader because he is incredibly humble and is quick to give credit to the organization that helped him become the best player in college football. He also has phenomenal socks.

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One thought on “Daily Thought 12/11/11: Winning With Class

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