Daily Thought 12/19/11: Preparation

To start off, I want to be very clear that this is not the same thought as the idea of the Boy Scout’s motto: “Be Prepared”. This is about a cheesy, yet accurate phrase I heard several years ago: “proper preparation prevents poor performance”.

While it is a tongue twister,  the “5 Ps” teach a pretty valuable lesson about how to accomplish your tasks and tangible outcomes. Think about going into a meeting; you can go in with little preparation and sit there and listen, or you can go in with thoughts prepared on the topic and add to the conversation. If you really prepare well, you can find a way to get your opinions heard and hold other people accountable (whether or not  they report to you).

One great way to prepare to gain the outcome you desire is to have tangible follow-ups in mind. Once you discuss an idea, gain commitment from others to perform a task. Set a deadline for the task and follow-up to make sure it is completed. By having this entire framework in mind as you prepare for the conversation, you will be successful in driving accountability and your final outcome. Put in the work up front and the dividends will follow.

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