Daily Thought 1/4/12: New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, we discuss our new year’s resolutions, the promises to ourselves of goals we will accomplish in the upcoming year. I have never really been into the whole resolution thing, but it brings up an interesting concept that we have already touched on in some previous posts: goal setting.

A new year’s resolution offers the chance to set a goal or a target for you to accomplish in the upcoming year. Often these goals focused are on dietary and fitness but they really can be anything. Here on the blog, I hope to continue posting and gaining followers, but my real goal is to get other contributors. If you are interested in leadership and have something to share, let me know. Collaboration is key because, as leaders, you know that “it takes a village to raise a child.”

So in the exciting first few days of the new year, leaders have a great opportunity to step back and create a new vision for the upcoming 12 months and from that vision start to formulate the goals that will help it become a reality. Really, I guess the idea of a new year’s resolution is a lesson to be shared with leaders about realigning priorities and reestablishing/creating a vision and goals.

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