Daily Thought 1/6/12: The Power of Pause

Today on the Harvard Business Review blog, there was a great post discussing the power of pause and its impact on managers. The post is a great read and is worth pondering as it breaks down the importance of taking a step back to make sure you are pursuing the goals you have set forward and not wasting time when you can delegate certain tasks.

Why do people who have the potential and ability to think strategically, empower others and prioritize issues seemingly choose to micromanage — to act in a way that’s myopically short-termed and dive into every problem thrown their way? The answer is that it’s not a conscious choice. No executive chooses to behave this way, just like no executive wakes up in the morning thinking “today I will really mess up and frustrate lots of people.”

Executives behave that way when they don’t allow themselves to pause and reflect about what really matters.

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