Daily Thought 1/10/12: Treat Your Employees Like the Adults They Are

I recently ran across a series of articles written by Joe Reynolds, the CEO of Red Frog (a start-up in Chicago). Joe has taken the tech start-up approach of having a lot of wacky and fun rules in the workplace. One of the more fascinating rules at Red Frog is the unlimited vacation policy. This policy truly allows employees to take leave as they see fit, and challenges them to manage their time properly to hit deadlines. One of the great principles that this policy brings up is “treat employees like the adults they are.”

It treats employees like the adults they are. If they’re incapable of handling the responsibility that comes along with having unlimited vacation days, they’re probably incapable of handling other responsibilities too, so don’t hire them.

It is important to remember to give everyone the responsibility associated with their roles. Giving people the respect and independence to perform on their own, in my opinion anyways, should result in higher buy-in and performance. Now if only I could convince my CEO to check out this policy…

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