Daily Thought 1/30/12: Transitioning from Peer to Manager

First off, my apologies for yet another slow week on the blog. I have been bogged down with a lot of work recently and I wasn’t able to devote the time needed to make a few quality blog posts. Here’s to a new week.

This morning, I was sent a piece that my VP wrote regarding promotions. It takes an in-depth look at the changes one will face when “going from one of the gang to the boss.” This break down is a look at how the relationships with your colleagues are affected by your promotion and what you can do to keep those relationships intact, professional, and most of all productive.

1.     Be confident in your own abilities. When you are promoted from a group of peers, it is easy for others to question the decision or harbor resentment.   The best way to overcome these sentiments and garner respect is to take the reins and lead with conviction.  Your new reports will need this in order for the team as a whole to succeed.  Be confident in your abilities to handle the management duties expected of you.

2.     Clearly communicate your new role and expectations. Don’t be afraid to sit down and talk with your team members. Understand that your new role is not just challenging for you, but for them, too.  Make sure you clearly communicate your new responsibilities and the metrics by which you will be evaluated; setting clear expectations of what is required of you, and what you need from them, is critical from the very beginning.

3.     Draw boundaries and stick to them. While there is nothing wrong with remaining friends with your former peers, by going out for the occasional lunch for example, you will need to set a new, professional tone and create boundaries among your relationships.  Perhaps for the first time, the company’s needs and interests take priority, and you may well encounter some rule-breaking that will require you to discipline or terminate a friend.  If you draw appropriate lines ahead of time, you’ll be much better off when such situations arise.

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