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Daily Thought 4/4/12: The Godfather and Building Trust

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Because its been a little while since I last shared a post, I have two articles to share today.

Recently movie fans celebrated the 40th anniversary of The Godfather. This iconic mafia film offers up a variety of unforgettable quotes, plot turns, and some good old machismo. To capitalize on the celebration, Fast Company published an interview with an entrepreneur about the leadership lessons in The Godfather.

  • Build a powerful community
  • Hold people accountable
  • Don’t get emotional
  • Be decisive
  • Spend time with your family

All five of these points are very basic tenants of being a good employee, teammate, or leader. I personally like to reiterate the final point: “spend time with your family”. In order to be your best self at work, it is imperative to have balance and enjoy your time away from the office.

This morning I stumbled on our second article on my twitter time line. As we have discussed previously, building trust is paramount to success as a leader. Leading with Trust, an interesting blog focused on best practices with trust, did an interview with the writer of The One Minute Manager regarding the best three ways to build trust as a leader. Each is simple and important for establishing trust and credibility with your followers.

  • Goals: using goals sets clear expectations and parameters from the beginning
  • Praising accomplishments: giving others public credit allows you to show your genuine appreciate for their work
  • Reprimanding errors: while this appears counter intuitive, this builds trust by showing you trust the individual but want to prevent the error from reoccurring

It is pretty clear to see some distinct commonalities between two entirely different takes on the subject of leadership. Taking lessons from The Godfather and using the three practices of trust will certainly help to build a loyal and hardworking following.

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Daily Thought 2/3/12: Corporate Responsibility

This morning I saw a great piece in Fast Company that discusses the relationship between corporate responsibility and profit. At first thought, these two business concepts seem completely at odds with each other. When your role as a business leader is to ultimately drive profitability, how can it be reasonable to devote money to corporate responsibility? The article suggests that informed consumers appreciate corporate responsibility.

It is one thing for a consumer to appreciate corporate responsibility and another thing entirely for them to chose a brand because of it. However, I will argue, that as leaders (as individuals AND as corporations) people watch you. Whether you desire to be or not, people watch you and they model their behavior after you, thus you are a role model in some fashion. As a role model, I think you have must act responsibly. In a corporate setting this can be something as little as decreasing your waste (Coca-cola’s new PlantBottle) or going so far as to cut ties with vendors who, despite being more affordable, may have some unethical practices (McDonalds with Sparboe Egg Farms). The key take away here is to remember that people are watching, and like it or not, as a leader you are charged with behaving responsibly.

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