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Daily Thought 3/15/12: The Power of Theatrics

Yesterday we visited a very intense letter from a resigning Goldman Sachs employee, Greg Smith. Smith argued that Goldman was losing sight of who they are and what made them that way.

Forbes put together a nice analysis of the piece that compares this letter to a scene from AMC’s hit series Mad Men. The point that the Forbes article makes is about drawing a line in the sand and being dramatic. In both examples we see and ethical dilemma. The leader understands that in the short run “doing the right thing” will cause the bottom line to take a hit. He also understands the long term need to do what is right.

By drawing this line in the sand, in a very dramatic way, the leaders are able to make their point very clearly. This shows their followers the difference between right and wrong and that doing wrong will not be tolerated. It is tough to stand up for what you believe in like this, but as a leader it is necessary.

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