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Daily Thought 5/8/12: The Enemies of Greatness and Happiness

I recently stumbled upon a piece in Forbes that seems to explore Jim Collins‘ matra that good is the enemy of great. This article provides a quick overview of the six enemies of greatness (and happiness).

  • Availability- settling for the “low hanging fruit”
  • Ignorance- limitations based on what you know
  • Committees- bureaucratic bull poop
  • Comfort- inability to stretch yourself
  • Momentum- getting stuck in a rut
  • Passivity- not engaging all the way

Instead of diving into why each of these traits make achieving greatness difficult, I thought it would be valuable to think of creative ways to overcome them. I won’t claim to be a expert but it is always important to get creative and think your way out of a problem.

  • Availability- set your sights on a goal that takes a little bit of effort but will make your project great
  • Ignorance- always seek advice and help from others, you can never ask too many questions
  • Committees- give everyone a specific task and deadline, hold them accountable and push forward
  • Comfort- is it just me or is it a lot more exhilarating to stretch beyond your comfort zone and get a win because of your efforts?
  • Momentum- just like getting stuck in a rut, success breeds success
  • Passivity- find something that you are truly passionate about and you will never be passive
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