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Daily Thought 5/14/12: Teamwork

New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a family member’s graduation from the University of North Carolina. UNC did a fantastic job selecting their honored speaker and hosted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg used this platform to share life lessons from his career path and important take-aways from his successes in business and politics. These take-aways each shed some light on the “real world” and how we can be successful over time. My favorite point was focused on teamwork.

Bloomberg said teamwork is the key to success AND leadership. “You will never hear a great leader say ‘me or I’ but rather ‘we or us’.” This was a tremendous point to hear. This is another way of phrasing the age-old adage that a great leader is quick to praise others and quick to accept blame. This humility illustrates the gratitude and understanding that great leaders have about their team members.

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